Nothing can destroy the warm summer days and evenings as relentless itching bitten by a mosquito.

To ease the discomfort of itching which can become a pain, try these home already tested solutions.
1. Place an ice cube to reduce swelling.
2. Rub the bite with the inside of the banana peel.
3. Make a paste of salt and water and rub it on the skin.
4. The same you can do it with a mixture of baking soda and water.
5. Apply lemon juice or small piece on the bitten part.
6. Mash some aspirins and mix with water until you get a paste. Apply the mixture to the place it itches.
7. Make a bath of water and coarse sea salt and rest a few minutes. Or a cotton swab, apply salt water and place it as a coating to the place.
8. Put a little toothpaste.
9. Or already used tea bag.
10. First help for mosquito can be deodorant. It is enough to spray a bit of the sting.
11. Rub the skin with coconut oil.
12. Or serve with liquor and strongly rub the sting.