The first association for waxing which most women think of is pain. We all know how it hurts and how awkward (especially intimate area). Although razor is most popular when it comes to hair removal on the legs, waxing hot wax is also represented.

If you want your feet to stay softer as possible, here are 3 simple tricks that will ultimately delay waxing.

1. Peel
It is really important to we prepare well your skin before you start to remove hairs. The best way to achieve a quality peeling – especially that of sea salt. During the shower, on the wet feet apply a hand full of salt and start from the ankles upward circular motion rub the skin. The salt will remove dead skin cells that collect on the surface of the skin which reduces the effect of wax.

2. Wet skin
During the day, the body secretes natural, protective oil that protects the skin from external influences. But that oil reduces the quality of waxing because for her hair very short time become visible. If you want maximum to delay next waxing do the following:

Before you start with epilation, moisten well the skin. Make a hot bath or shower for 2 to 3 minutes. The water will soften the skin, will open its pores and so you can easily remove them.

3. Foam or shaving gel

If you want to achieve maximum effect, merge the shower and waxing. The secret lies in the application of foam or shaving gel. After you wet the skin immediately apply shaving foam in a thicker layer.

Abundantly afflicted foam or gel will ultimately keep moisture on the skin, which means it will open pores more. Also because of the thick layer of foam or gel the hair removal will take a lot less and it will be much more enjoyable.