Many foods have been related to the prevention and fight against the cancer, including blue fish, garlic, tomatoes and nuts.

A large number of researches have shown that when we combine them with exercise, these foods may have a beneficial effect on the body and help in the fight against cancer.

Fish, it provides the body with many nutrients, including omega-3, which has a strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is especially important when the cancer has started to attack the body, omega-3 helps to reduce and limit icox-2 protein, which can cause inflammation and irritation.

Vitamins A and D are also contained in many types of fish, such as salmon and mackerel, which are also associated with decreased incidence of certain types of cancer.

Garlic, it also contains compounds that have an anti-inflammatory activity. One component, allicin, can help to stop the spreading of the cancer by limiting blood flow to the tumor.

Tomatoes strengthen the resistance of the cancer, both of these substances can easily be included in different meals.

Nuts are a good source of fiber and contain selenium, which is another powerful tool against the cancer. Almonds, walnuts and brazillian nuts encourage the longevity and help to fight the cancer in the body.