Avocados, tomatoes, pears benefit the health and function of the uterus – and they have resemblance in their looks.
Obviously everything is connected.
Tomato – heart
The tomato has chambers and is red. The heart also. Studies show that the tomato is full of potassium and iron, which are especially good food for the heart and blood.
Walnut – brain
The core of the walnut resembles the brain, it has left and right hemisphere and even folds reminiscent of brainwashing. It is known that the walnut creates neural transmitters for brain function.
Celery – bones
Celery is similar in appearance, and besides it affects the strength of bones. The bones contain 23% sodium, just like the food.
Avocado – uterus
If a woman eats one avocado in a week, hormones will be in balance and will reduce the chances of cancer of the uterus and ovaries. The most interesting thing is that it takes 9 months to become avocado fruit of the original flower.
Sweet potato – pancreas
Although it looks like the pancreas, it leads to balancing the blood sugar.
Carrot – eyes
In cross section, carrot looks like the human eye. And, science long time ago proved that carrots increases blood flow and improves the function of the eyes.
Grapefruit – female breast
Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits besides that resemble female breasts, help lymph to move through the breast and to prevent the occurrence of cancer.
Ginger – stomach
Although it looks like the human body, relieves the pain in it and bloating. It contains special enzymes that improve digestion and prevent severe cramps, prevent the occurrence of ulcers, keep lining …
Mushrooms – Ear
The intersection of Agaricus is identical with the shell of his ear. In addition, only a few mushrooms a day can improve your hearing, because they are among the few foods that contain vitamin D.