I’d like to present you this easy cheesy pasta recipe that I came up with at home and you can make it with so little effort. All you need is pasta, two types of cheese and around 30 minutes of your time.

This recipe is quite unique because the type of cheese we are using…..and it looks like this. Bare in mind, these are not professional photos and it might not look that good as it tastes.

You will notice that it doesn’t look like the other cheesy pasta you’ve seen so far, that is because of the different type of cheese that I will show you bellow and give a brief description.

Now, let’s begin with the ingredients and the easy way of preparing this delicious two types of cheese pasta. It is important to remember that you can experiment with the ingredients and use more or less cheese depending on your taste. White cheese is more salty than the yellow. So if you like them salty use more white cheese.

Main Ingredients for two-three people :

-pasta (macaroni or spaghetti, it’s up to you) 300g

-yellow cheese (its different type of cheese for which i will give description bellow) 300g

-white cheese 250g

The type of pasta is up to you. You can use macaroni if you wish so, but I personally like spaghetti more so I went with this choice.There are different types of spaghetti also (thin>thicker) you can choose your own but i went with a thicker one because this type of yellow cheese is a bit more dense than usual.

White cheese. I think I’m not wrong when i say that most of you guys haven’t tried pasta with white cheese. Bare in mind, there is a difference between Feta and the cheese we are going to use in this recipe. There are four kinds of white cheese that are most common in Slavic world. There is cow cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese and a mix cheese made from cow and sheep milk. For this recipe i recommend cow cheese or mix cheese.

Last main ingredient and the most crucial one that makes this recipe taste magnificently is the yellow cheese. You have to know that it’s not cheddar, gouda or parmigiano. This type of cheese is know in Slavic countries especially on Balkan. Unfortunately I couldn’t find description on how it’s made, I can only show you picture.

Next lets talk about how you make this simple recipe:

First you pour water and a little bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

And while you wait for the water to boil you can ground the yellow cheese so it will be easier to melt.

For the white cheese you can ground it like you did with the yellow cheese, but i prefer to break it into chunks….like this.

If you want a homogeneous mix than you can ground it, but what I prefer is break it into chunks because while you eat you taste the yellow cheese all the time and the white cheese comes in intervals and that gives a little bit of a dynamic to it’s taste.

When the water starts to boil you put the pasta in the pan. Now about the time in regarding how much you should boil the pasta is up to you. I personally boil it about 10-15 mins and after that i simply take and taste the pasta and decide if its ready to be put out of the pan.

After you put out the pasta you drain them of the water.

And the final step is to mix first the yellow cheese while the pasta is hot and after that the white cheese.

The rest you need to do is enjoy this cheesy pasta recipe.

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