As much as people enjoy drinking alcohol, they need to be perfectly aware of the negative effects and changes that could occur.

Lots of people do not drink alcohol properly and this can result in diseases such as liver cirrhosis and many others.

Coffee addicts are going to love this. According to a recent UK study, with approximately 430, 000 participants involved, it was showed that two more cups of coffee on a day can reduce liver cirrhosis risk up to 44 %. Unfortunately, millions of people every year suffer from diseases like hepatitis infections, fatty liver disease or immune system diseases.

The liver cirrhosis can be fatal  and according to a scholar from the Southampton University, coffee is a great liver disease reducer. Also, it’s not expensive and it has already proven to be part of many people’s everyday.

A recent study has been carried out. It included around 2,000 people who have cirrhosis. The results have shown that:

-one cup of coffee on a daily basis can reduce cirrhosis risk up to 22 %

-two cups can provide 43 % less risk

-three cups reduce 57 %

-four cups can lead to even 65 % less risk


Even though this is great news for coffee addicts, there are some things that play a significant role here like person’s lifestyle, coffee beans and manufacturing techniques.

Also, some studies suggest that filtered coffee has shown to be more effective than boiled when it comes to preventing liver diseases.