The basis of this diet is, of course, eating raw food. With this diet, not only you can regulate the weight, but also you can clean the body, skin and recharge your body with energy.

Many people are convinced that for our body the raw food (properly dosed) is the healthiest option. They consume raw food or minimally processed (it is acceptable to be prepared at temperatures below 50 ° C).

It is believed that, with cooking the food loses the enzymes, which are the life force. The enzymes speed our digestion, and help us to take the most and the best nutrients from the food. With the time, the lack of the enzyme leads to digestive problems, nutrient deficiencies, aging (and overall more rapid aging of the organism), gaining weight and many other consequences.

The level of sulforaphane, which are very important for the fight against cancer, are significantly reduced with cooking the vegetables.

People follow the diet with raw food in several ways. Mostly, it’s about the vegans or others who consume raw milk, raw fish, raw beef or beef (for example, carpaccio). There are also those who in addition to raw food, eat and that semi-cooked, or combined foods, so that it the diet they have a 70 percent raw foods.

This diet cleans the entire body and can last from 3-21 days.

Before eating,soak the vegetables in water for several hours (or overnight), or eat sprouts.

Dehydration or processing of food in the dryer is allowed. You can dry vegetables, fruits, make crackers and so on.

Among the people who eat raw foods, favorite are “smoothie” drinks, shakes, mixes vegetables and fruits, fresh juices …

Avoid eating raw peas, potatoes, soybeans, peas, rhubarb leaves and, of course, food treated with pesticides. Try to eat only organic foods.

Of course, there is another side of the story. By eating raw foods will have a lack vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, so you must take them in form of supplements.

People with hypoglycemia and diabetes should avoid this diet. It can be perfect, but if you do not keep the rules – as many different foods (for example, to drink to much fruit shakes) – the whole process will not be successful.

It is best to start slowly, without large incisions. First, put in your daily menu only 50 percent raw foods. It is better to find a perfect balance, but to be exclusive. After a while, you can start the right diet raw food. Before that, make a plan, buy groceries, make indicative menu, eat as many different foods and but do not starve.

There is a possibility that in the first period of detoxification, after a long time of consuming meat, sugar and caffeine, you may feel a mild headache, nausea and desire for the forbidden food (which is quite normal).