White tea comes from the same plant as other well-known teas such as black and green, white tea is harvested earliest and is also the least processed. White tea is rich with natural plant compounds—called phenols and polyphenols—that are thought to provide various health benefits from cholesterol control to a reduced risk of cancer development. If you’re overwhelmed in the beauty section, travel a few aisles over and scour the shelves for white tea extract.

In a recent study, researchers analyzed 23 plant extracts to see which best protected the skin’s structural proteins and white tea outranked them all. Make your own brew at home, or choose one of our suggestions below:

Teatulia premium organic white tea:
Teatulia’s white tea contains no additives and boasts just a hint of peach. It’s made from the youngest and rarest tea parts, making it a delicious delicacy, it is harvested from their garden in Northern Bangladesh.

Numi white rose:
Blended with whole organic rose buds, this organic tea goes down smooth and smells great. Perfect as spring blossoms into summer.

Researchers believe that white tea may have the highest levels of health-promoting antioxidants. It may even help prevent wrinkles.