We all have brown spots, otherwise known as age spots, somewhere on our skin. Whether it’s on your face, legs, arms, shoulders, or hands, you’ll be able to find brown spots somewhere on your body.

As we age, these brown spots tend to multiply, hence why they’re also referred to as age spots – these large, brown splotches are an obvious sign of aging.

What causes brown spots?

The main factors for brown spots on the skin are excessive sun and UV-ray exposure, regardless if you’re using sunscreen. Intense UV-ray exposure is very dangerous and one of the main reasons of skin cancer. The more you tan, the more melanin your body produces, which causes brown spots to appear on large skin areas.

Are they harmful?

Yes, they can. This does not mean that every age spot you have will cause cancer, but there are some things that you should bear in mind:

– Look for any funky borders around the spots.
– Pay particular attention to any spot that is growing or changing.
– You need to observe your age spots and notice if there are some which color has changed and become much darker than the others.
– Consult your doctor immediately if you notice that your brown spots have become red or tender.

How to get rid of them?

This simple trick will help you to eliminate your dark brown spots. It is really easy and simple to prepare. You just need to make a solution of two ingredients.

Organic apple cider vinegar and fresh onion juice can do miracles for your skin. Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxyl which can act as a natural exfoliant and remove the dead layers of the skin.

Fresh onion juice, on the other hand is a known traditional remedy for skin care. Onion has antioxidants which have the ability to reduce free radical damage, thus protecting the outer layer of the skin

Just combine these two ingredients, and they will do wonders to your skin.

Anti-agespot recipe


You need to cut a fresh onion, put the pieces into a Ziploc bag and use a blunt surface to pulverize them. Then, put the onion along with a half a cup of organic apple cider vinegar in your blender and mix them well until you get a smooth texture. Apply the mixture on your age spots by using a cotton ball. In order to get the best results, do this procedure every day, for 2-4 weeks.

Do not expect to get results overnight. You should know that it takes time to get some results. Within a few weeks you will notice the first results, but continue with the treatment and in the end, you will be amazed.

Is there any way to prevent age spots?

Prevention of age spots

Avoiding the sunlight is the best prevention, but we need the sun for proper health. Knowing this, limiting your sun exposure is vital for prevention of age spots. Try wearing long-sleeved shirts whenever you can and always use sunscreen, even in the winter. Stay away from tanning beds and do not forget to consult your doctor for any suspicious spots!