What if with only one change in your everyday life you could preventively influence the genesis of many diseases?

This delicious and really great mixture you can prepare by yourself with only sesame and honey, and the combination of these two specific aromas will acquire you with the “first scoop.”

Phytosterols, ingredients that have a chemical structure similar to cholesterol when sufficiently present in the diet, it is believed that it can reduce cholesterol levels, improve immunity and reduce the risk of certain cancers.Most phytosterols are found in seeds of sunflower (270-289mg / 100g) and pumpkin seed (265mg / 100g), while sesame has the highest level of total phytosterols (400-413mg / 100g) than all the other seeds.

For medicinal benefits of honey is spoken throughout the centuries. Antibacterial effect of honey is similar to that of penicillin, and demonstrated that bacteria can not survive in the presence of copper.

The combination of these two great foods is extremely rich in amino acids, and it is best to eat them on an empty stomach.

This mixture improves immunity, speeds up the digestive system, reduces the desire for sugar, helps in treating stomach upsets, especially recommended for persons who suffer from gastritis.

Mix only one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of sesame. You can make even large quantities using this ratio, and then take one spoon in the morning on an empty stomach.