Obesity is not always cause for the appearance of cellulite – many people with more weight have cellulite, but the skinny people are no exception too.

However, extra fat- especially around the hips and buttocks are making it visible cellulite. Therefore reduce the weight and limit your intake of fatty foods.

Processed fat foods such as sausages, cheese, cake and cookies, are particularly bad. Often packed with additives, salts or sweeteners lead to a glut of the body with toxins.

In the fight against cellulite can help oily fish such as salmon and herring. Oily fish contains fatty acid that helps your body, improves metabolism and leads to loss of fat and cellulite.

Nuts are another great choice of fatty acids and packed with fiber. Foods high in fiber is useful because it helps to discharge toxins.

Studies show that caffeine can make it worse the problem of cellulite because of its impact on circulation and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissue. So limit your intake of coffee, tea and cola. Let there be no longer than two cups a day.

Avoid smoking and alcohol because they enrich the body with toxins, and alcohol is full of sugars.

Finally, completely discard the sugar from your nutrition. It slows down the production of collagen in the skin so it is helpful to some out of use, and this will reduce stretch marks and cellulite. Pay attention to the label of food because sugar has almost everywhere- in muesli, various sauces for pasta, yogurts.