The pain caused by a kidney stone in perhaps IS the strongest that you can submit, and if you are currently struggling with it, it is worth to try this homemade recipe.

Common millet is grains which can help, but is rather cheap and easy to consume.

Effectively cleanses the kidneys, eliminates sand, it helps with women’s health and heals cystitis.

The recipe of preparation is simple:

In the evening place 1 cup (200 g) millet in hot water and wash it.

Place in a large jar of 3 kg and pour it with hot water until the jar is not 2/3 full.

Close, shake well and wrap the jar in something warm. Let it stay overnight.

In the morning again shake it. Now you notice opaque fluid or medication that needs to eat.

Drink throughout the day without limitation, as long as you want and can.

Do not throw the millet, you can cook it as that would eat for breakfast.

You should drink this mixture at least 10-15 days to feel improvement.