The digital world in which we live urges us to choose the movie before the book by which it is made, and rocketed dynamic everyday shortens our leisure time for continuous meetings with books.

However, no excuse is strong enough to justify the distancing from paper sources of knowledge and inspiration.

Reading is food and fitness for the brain

The digital world in which we live urges us to choose the movie before the book by which it is made, and rocketed dynamic everyday shortens our leisure time for continuous meetings with books.

Reading books undoubtedly improves life. Here’s why you should be friends with books every day:

1.Reading is food and fitness for the brain. Same as muscles, brain exercise is necessary to keep it in good shape. Reading offers fun mental stimulation that keeps the brain active. The more you engage the brain, the stronger and healthier will be. Scientific studies confirm that regular reading books reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly and slows the progression of the disease.

2.With books time “flies”. Sometimes nor the tens of TV channels and Internet inexhaustible space will save us from boredom. Books are an effective killer of boredom, while fills you with knowledge and life lessons. You are stuck on the bus a long way? Wait anxiously several hours? Time will “fly” if you choose to read. Times are converted into minutes when you are “swallowed” by exciting book.

3.Reading improves memory. To enter the core of the book, it is necessary to remember a lot of information that is served while browsing from cover to cover – the diversity of the characters, their names, their past ambitions and intentions … Thus we improve brain function, it enlarge its intellectual capacity and sharpen memory.

4.Reading is a great exercise for concentration. While reading, you must stay focused on the action so as not to lose momentum in the book. Discovering the meaning that lies in strings of words, you are not allowing the brain to be distracted and you can develop concentration.

5.Reading is an effective method of relaxation and secret weapon against stress. Books give you the opportunity to escape from everyday life, concerns and responsibilities and temporarily forget about everything that’s happening around you. Stepping into the new world, in a certain way you are resting your brain and send the body in a relaxing condition in an unexpected way that fills you with humility. Just 6 minutes are enough to immerse yourself in a well-written book to relieve stress by 68%.

6.The books complement the knowledge gained. And even the worst books through the pages are hiding something new for you. Peering into new cultures and places around the world, drawing lessons from the mistakes of others, consuming the wisdom of the authors and penetrating into the human psyche, you upgrade the knowledge that no one can take away. Each book feeds your brain with various information that make us wiser and better prepared for the adventure called life.

7.Eloquence and reading go hand in hand. Eloquent people adore literature. The sinking in the beauty of the written word enriches active and passive vocabulary and the more books are left with the label “read”, the richer and more fluently you express yourself. Like when you were little children you assimilate new words by capturing their meaning from the context, so while reading you are “skimming” new words and phrases with which you express yourself.

8.Books awaken creativity and increase curiosity. With each new cover, you go into the new worlds that break down the boundaries that you have set the human mind to. Analyzing the thoughts and attitudes that do not match with yours, it inflames your imagination and enhances creativity. Books create a good addiction. The more you read, the more curious you become.

9.Reading strengthens the parent-child relationship. As a parent, you are an example for the children and the more often they see a book in your hands, the greater the chance to fall in love with reading. Reading has the power to strengthen parent-child relationships. Reading them a bed story when they are little, parents reinforce the relationship and spend quality time with their loved ones.

10.Books improve social life. When you meet a person who admires your favorite author immediately you feel a connection and easily let them in your friendly circle. But books do not only create new friendships, they are an inexhaustible source of conversational material with old friends. The best is that reading books provides a solid basis for a better and deeper understanding of human relationships.You have no problem understanding the behavior of your friends, even better your own, and you become better and more desirable friend.