The Taste Test

There are many simple home tests for checking the olive oil quality. One of them is simply tasting it. But fake olive oil has been sold so long, that even food experts can’t notice the difference.

Several different food experts tasted a wide range of olive oils (from discount stores to premium versions), and ended up approving of the cheapest, least pure oil, while thinking the real ones were fake! If experts in olive oil can’t use the sense of taste as a reliable tool for finding real olive oil, no one can.

The Fridge Test

Just put the olive oil in the fridge. Monounsaturated fats become cloudy in cold temperatures even to the point of becoming solid, after a long time. If your olive oil looks same after a 2 hours in fridge it is not real!

The Fool-Proof Test

The only way to tell if your olive oil is real is to buy it from the right place.

100% pure olive oil, not mixed with anything else can be found from a trusted, local source. Farmers at your local farmer’s market are the best place to buy real oil or you can also find a single producer of home-grown oil.