Ann Cameron, an American author of numerous children’s books, became even more famous when she wrote about her illness. Ann was diagnosed colon cancer. At 2012 she subjected to surgery, while the disease has already entered the third stage of progression.
Unfortunately, Ann is not the first time she faced with this disease. Her husband, despite chemotherapy, died in 2005 of lung cancer.


Ann decided to not go through his treatment and recovery, and refused the chemotherapy.

She was operated from colon cancer in In June 2012. After the surgery I did not want to receive chemotherapy. Every day I feel better, but after six months, when I went to doctor to check myself , it was found that the cancer has not disappeared but has progressed. It expanded to the lung, while the colon entered the fourth phase, “wrote Ann at a web site where the sick and healed people from this disease share experiences and seek alternatives to the existing treatments for cancer.

She decided to find a new way, searching the internet, she met with the experience of 26-year-old, who claimed that he beat the skin cancer by drinking juice made of 2.5 kilograms of carrots every day.

Ann chose to follow his steps. She drank carrot juice several times a day, and so for eight months.

When she went on a checkup, the findings showed that the cancer has stopped its spreading, and the tumors began to shrink and swelling of lymph glands.

After four months, the lymph glands were no longer inflamed, and the cancer cells continue to retreat.

The secret is obviously in carrots and its benefits in the form of fatty alcohols and natural pesticides that contain anti-cancer properties.
Carotene, which is the main ingredient of carrots is responsible for preventing the development of cancer cells. Ann, after her experience she wrote the book. He wanted everyone to know about her experience and help the sick people.

Of course, our advice is that if you suspect any form of cancer or it is already diagnosed, be sure to talk to your doctor for your treatment.