Neven is a natural remedy for skin diseases, in Nepal call it a flower with hundreds of petals, in England a measure of gold in our country is known as marigold – but, behind the simple name hides a plant with multiple purposes, from healing through aesthetic, to culinary.


Today, this flower is respected and researched, it is also useful in the fight against cancer because it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They use it for wounds, burns, cuts, warts, blisters, eczema.

In the treatment the most commonly is used flower with bright orange color, and in dried form. From it are prepared teas, oils and fats in the healing properties, whose healing powers were convinced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

It is excellent in the fight against skin diseases like acne, warts and eczema, and it is also used against burns, wounds and frostbite.

Because of that it promotes sweating, it is used against temperature and fever. Thanks to the pro-vitamin A, it has a beneficial effect on the eyes, so it is recommended with conjunctivitis