Everybody loves potato, would it be mashed potato, potato soup or what ever the way.But did you know that if you chopped slice of potato and put it on your face it will do wonders?

It’s true, not only vegetables are good food source, some of them like the potato is good for your skin.They are cheap and available in every store, but pay attention and buy only organic potatoes,as your skin will likely absorb the synthetic pesticides if you don’t, hence you will lose the benefits this vegetable offers.


Potatoes contain several vitamins, nutrients, and trace minerals that are good for your skin.

  • Vitamin A prevents wrinkles
  • Vitamin B Improves skin tone and reduces darkening of the skin.Deficiency can cause wrinkles, acne and even eczema
  • Vitamin C contributes in skin repair from damage, combats free radicals and aging.
  • Phosphorus helps cells to repair faster
  • Calcium keeps the skin moisturized
  • Iron lack makes your skin look pale and ill-like

Beauty Benefits of Potato

Blemishes: High concentration of Vitamin B and C stimulates healing and soothes your blemishes.

Wrinkles:  Vitamin A can help hinder wrinkle appearance

Dark Circles: Instead of using cucumber, slice a piece of potato and put it on your eyes, the vitamin B reduces dark circles.

Reduce puffiness and swelling: Vitamin C combined with the minerals will reduce swelling and puffiness.

Soothe sunburn: Vitamin C healing stimulation will treat your skin and help it heal faster.

Anti-aging and hydration: Potassium along with vitamin C will keep your skin young and hydrated.

Other benefits of Potato

Helps with kidney cancer, inflammation, detoxing the body and potato juice mixed with honey can be used as hair mask that protects your hair from damage, help your hair to grow faster and be more full, and even prevent hair loss.

How to properly use potatoes

Its quite easy.You can slice a piece of potato and place them under your eyes to reduce dark circles.Use potato juice to rinse problematic areas of the skin on your face, or entire face and it will help soothing your blemishes and to hinder wrinkle appearance you should leave it on for a short period of time.For sunburn, simply put the potato slices on your skin.You may also opt to make a paste out of the potatoes and do a mask, which you can leave on for up to twenty minutes. Sit back, relax, and let the potato work its magic! Just remember to always use raw organic potatoes.


Source: http://theheartysoul.com/