A growing number of people have to wear glasses or contact lenses because their sight is very weakened. Although genetic predisposition is the most important factor in distortion of vision, however, many other factors contribute to its reduction.

Naturally, drastic increased use of computers and electronic devices that emit blue light, is one of the important factors of which the eye can not protect. We could say that our eyes give up on us because of the low quality care, and therefore often end up with glasses or contact lenses. But like every muscle of the human body and our eyes need regular exercise to be rested and somehow healthier, says specialist ophthalmologist Victoria Fileva of Sistina Ophthalmology ..

Doctor Fileva recommends exercises that are intended for the eyes, help to rest and improve focus, and thus exercise and fusion of sight and strengthens the eye muscles.

The golden rule for relaxing and resting your eyes is 20-20-20 or every 20 minutes pause from work and watch at a distance of 20 meters for 20 seconds.

Apart from the basic rule, these are some simple exercises that you can do daily:



When we work on the computer and we are deeply concentrated, very rarely blink or “remember to blink” and our eyes dry. On average a person should blink 10-14 times per minute. Try the next 2 minutes to blink every 3-4 seconds. Then do not blink 30 seconds for 2 minutes. You notice the difference? When we blink our eyes small period in darkness, yet the blink helps moisture eyes, reduces eye strain and clears the picture.

Figure 8


This exercise is to cloak eye muscles and helps in increasing their flexibility. Imagine how the figure 8 is located 10 meters ahead. Follow the figure slowly, first on one side only a few minutes, and then the other side. Maybe at the beginning you act strange, but gradually you will get used to this exercise.



In this exercise you can use your thumb, pen, pencil. Move the thumb and focus on it, and slowly depart your hand and slowly drag towards it. Repeat this exercise three times weekly. In this way you improve focus.

Cover your eyes with palms


First, rub the palms of each other to be warm, and then place them on your eyes. Gently press and take care, you should not see light through your fingers. When you start seeing only darkness, opt palms. Repeat within 3 minutes or more.
Probably you notice immediately the difference, right?