In order to function properly and do your every day activities a good night sleep is essential.Without sleep you increase the risk of serious and complex health issues.

There are variety of alternative ways to improve your sleep, such as Himalayan salt rock lamps, feng shui, various natural drinks.

This time we are using essential oils which are well know for their variety of benefits and uses.

We recommend you all natural  3 ingredient foot spray that will improve your sleep and get you the energy you need.This spray is highly effective in detoxifying your body.Our feet contain the biggest pores in size and number on the body, so this makes them perfect in order of absorbing the needed nutrients.Our feet also contain numerous points which are linked to different body organs, so the stimulation of these points can have a miraculous effect on our health and well- being.


How to make your natural spray:


  1. 10 drops/0.5 ml. Chamomile Essential oil (German Chamomile essential oil is a better anti-inflammatory and Roman Chamomile essential oil is more relaxing.)
  2. 10 drops/0.5 ml. of Lavender Essential oil
  3. 4 ounces/120 ml. of magnesium oil


Mix the essential oils in 120 ml. or larger glass spray bottle.Shake the bottle gently in order for the essential oils to combine.All you have to do after is just to spray it on your feet 10-15 min before you go to bed.


Is herb commonly used in tea which helps calming your nerves and relaxation.When in essential oil form its very potent.


Is another calming herb that promotes peaceful sleep.Its extremely potent and with only few drops on your pillowcase it can have miraculous effects.But be warned not to give it to children because of its potent and strength.



Magnesium essential oil is amazing for both, internal and external use.It promotes sleep, helps in case of  anxiety, digestion difficulty, sleep disorder.