Portulaca oleracea, better known as Purslane, is a common weed that you can probably find in your own garden.

Plants To Boost Your Health
This weed often has yellow flowers and fleshy leaves. Therefore, it is especially attractive weed. However, the healing qualities of this weed are the important characteristics that should be known.

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The seeds of this weed are very powerful and land and they can remain viable for 40 years. Moreover, this plant is not a GMO. It is completely natural. Purslane can grow in both arid climates and well-tended gardens. The crop will grow equally well in both of these circumstances. This powerful, resistant and healing plant is especially beneficial for the immune system and the overall health as well.
This weed is also called pig weed and it is certainly better feed for pigs than the GMO grains used by most farmers for pig and other livestock feed. Amazingly, the weed purslane contains more omega-3 fatty acids than most fish oils. Furthermore, it has one of the highest levels of vitamin A among the leafy green vegetables. Vitamin A is excellent for boosting the health of the eyes and it is also a marvelous protector from several types of cancer.