Lots of people switched to eco –friendly,energy-saving light bulbs. The main reason was to save money and power, as well.
People should know that this new generation of eco light bulbs has a downside. It turned out they are toxic. Studies have been carried out and prove that if this kind of light bulb breaks indoors ,releases 20 times the maximum mercury concentration in the air that is acceptable.

Luckily, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created an emergency protocol you should be following in case a light bulb breaks indoors.

Besides the poisonous gas released, these bulbs negatively affect our health and can cause migraine, anxiety, seizures, headaches, tiredness and dizziness.

Moreover, these bulbs contain mercury which can be very dangerous for kids and pregnant women. It can seriously damage the reproductive system , cardiovascular and immune system. Also, may lead to insomnia, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. The energy-saving light bulbs emit UV rays, which as we all know is extremely bad for the eyes and skin since it can cause skin cancer. The radiation decreases the proper formation of vitamin D 3.

People should be very aware when deciding to use these bulbs. According to a recent research, conducted at the Germany’s Alab Laboratory, the light bulbs contain carcinogens which cause cancer such as: naphthalene, styrene and phenol.

As already mentioned above, people should follow an emergency procedure:

Before Cleanup:
– A window or a door should be opened to outdoor environment to air out for 5-10 mins.
– If any central heating device or air conditioning is on, it needs to be turned off.
– People or pets ought to leave the room
– Materials for light cleanup should be collected such as: damp paper towels or wet wipes, a glass jar with metal lid, a sticky tape and a cardboard.

During Cleanup:

– Vacuuming is not recommended since as it spreads mercury-containing powder
– Thoroughly collect broken glass and visible powder
– Pick the visible powder with a sticky tape and put them in the glass jar
– Place the collected materials in a sealable container

After Cleanup:

All light bulb material must be placed in vacuum cleaner bags, outdoors in a trash container where materials can be disposed of. Afterwards, you should continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and keep the heating/air conditioning off for several hours.