Everyone notices a female’s hair. It’s a sign of femininity. Most of the women dye, dry, and iron their hair and use different sorts of chemicals in order to bring back the shininess and volume.  Lots of treatments can make the hair dull, broken and really damaged.Well, here is something for those who have this kind of problems. A homemade shampoo. The results will start to be noticed in a very short period of time.  For only a month use of this shampoo your hair will be voluminous and amazing.


You will only need:

-Nettle shampoo (plain 750)

-Panthenol 100 ml

– Nettle drops 30 ml

– Castor oil 50 ml

-2 vial vitamin B

– AD drops 30 ml aqueous solution

Just put the panthenol, nettle drops, castor oil and AD drops  in the nettle shampoo and you have this hair repair shampoo prepared in less than a minute.

Each of the ingredients of this shampoo has their share.

The nettle is good for improving the circulation in the head skin and increasing the absorption of the rest of the ingredients used.

The panthenol , widely known as vitamin B5, helps with maintaining the proper function of the head skin and stimulates the regenerative process.

The castor oil, rich in  vitamin E, is a great antioxidants that stops the damage of free radicals in the body. This ingredient destroys dead cells and has a regenerative and antibacterial features, which means that helps against dandruff.

The vitamin B brings  back  hair’s strength.

Many women  stated that this shampoo has halped them with recovering the strength, growth and softness of their hair. Simply, massage the scalp, let it stay for few minutes and then wash. For those with extremely dry hair use half bottle of nettle drops because the shampoo can additonaly dry the hair.  If you have hair loss problems , start drinking nettle tea for a better blood picture and hormone regulation.

Source: http://www.healthylifevision.com/