This green vegetable has lot of nutrients and antioxidants. Spinach contains lutein, an antioxidant which i good for healthier eyes. A good source of vitamins B, C and E, as well as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.


If you want softer skin, healthy hair, eyes and stronger bones – eat nuts. Throw a handful of nuts in a salad or dessert and make the body healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.


Small, brown and hairy fruit contains much vitamin C and antioxidants that will make your skin will firmer, and the teeth and bones healthy. Kiwi is a great fighter against wrinkles!


Dark chocolate
We love it, and it is often on the list of foods that are good for us. Dark chocolate protects the skin from the sun and helps to stay hydrated and, contrary to standard belief, chocolate does not cause acne! Of course, always keep in mind that we are talking about chocolate containing at least 60% cocoa.


One cup of low-fat yogurt contains more calcium than a cup of low-fat milk, and calcium is important for healthy bones, nails and teeth. Combine it with honey, apples and cinnamon and you can get a fantastic dessert.


This super food is full of health, especially in recent times has become favorite among the vegetables to many experts. Potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, the pigment that produces vitamin A which is good for vision and eye health in general, and another reason why it is on this list is that it is a great fighter against aging. Of course, you should pay attention to it and to thus prepare. Baked potatoes with olive oil is an excellent choice.