Probably this happened to you too – you were torturing yourself for days, weeks, months and you have reached the desired weight, but a few months everything has returned to old …

Losing weight is so traumatic process that we can not wait to finish and reach the desired goal, however  just a little more than 40% of people actually succeed it.

To make matters worse, nearly all of them return the lost weight within three months to one year.

The main reasons for returning lost pounds can be boredom, because people are getting bored eating the same food every day, which quickly causes the return of bad habits and fast food. Of course, you should find a healthier alternative, but rarely someone succeed.

Temptation is also present – hardly anyone is lucky to live in an environment that will fully support his / her efforts, so before people line up foods that attract and they give in – to start as a “reward for successful losing weight “and very quickly after it, they surrender completely to those” sweet sins because simply we adore food.

Avoiding the scale After months of daily weigh-ins, grueling workouts and adhering to a strict diet, you finally hit your goal weight. But now, just two months later, your skinny jeans are starting to feel a tad tight and you’re not sure why. If you’re like the majority of dieters you’re still eating well and exercising, but you stopped stepping on the scale—a major no-no. Although the number on the scale isn’t the only way to judge your continued success, research shows that those who avoid the ritual tend to pack on more weight than those who don’t.