Want to know what your health condition and what caused bad breath? Only open your mouth and look at yourself in the mirror, say all dentists.

Tongue is a place where they hide many bacteria that create odor in the mouth. And the more fat there is, the worse the smell.

As much as it sounds horrible, in the mouth you have millions of living organisms, mostly bacteria that live and survive in hot and dark environment.


How to identify one healthy tongue that points to health problems and accumulated bacteria?

A healthy tongue is pink, smooth and clean, without deposits and lines on it (Picture 1).

Tongue with yellow deposits that become darker is a sign that in the mouth is produce sulfur compounds (Picture 2). Deep cleft of the environment as is typical for this condition where they hide most of the bacteria.

Rough tongue with cracks is another sign that you have bad breath (Picture 3 and 4). Cracks and grooves are the perfect place for the development of bacteria.

Another type of language is the “geographical” recognized by numerous dents and bumps, relief and places with deposits and in some places clean (Picture 5). This condition usually occurs as a result of reaction to certain foods, stress, illness or hormonal disorders.

Some tongues even have papillae (which look like hairs on the tongue). This “hairy tongue” is again a place where multiply most harmful bacteria (Picture 6).

What causes the deposition of bacteria and bad breath?

Some toothpastes – is about toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulphate which produces foam, but no benefit for cleaning the teeth and tongue. Plus, it was recently proven that this additive can create tiny wounds in the mouth. Therefore mandatory read the labels when buying toothpaste.

Food rich in protein – Bacteria feed on proteins, creating more unpleasant smell.

Juices – Because the bacteria produce more waste odors in an acidic environment.

Good – sweet sugars create an environment in which bacteria survive easier, and accelerates tooth decay, which are ideal for breeding bacteria. It all ends with unpleasant odors.

Dry mouth – Because drying of mouth is the perfect place for breeding bacteria.

Cigarettes and alcohol – Because cause dryness of the mouth.

Gum disease – By gum disease more easily bacteria multiply and even enter the bloodstream.

Drugs – Drying environment mouth, as you know, is an ideal breeding of bacteria.

Lactose intolerance – This might cause a sour milk smell in the mouth when eating more milk-based products.